04 August 2011

Mooji is now having online satsangs that last two hours. He is charging $20 for each.

I have been invited to online satsang with Francis Lucille. There is no formal charge, but a donation of $15 is suggested.

Satsang with Ed Muzika is still free. Suggested donation: your life as it is now.


  1. Does that make Mooji less and Edji more enlightened?
    Then appeals for donations have to made every so often... What is the fuss about money here??

  2. Not at all Ruby. It does mean his organization has convinced him to westernize and become a retail guru, rather than trusting in Consciousness to supply what is needed. I do not question Mooji's enlightenment, as I do not know him.

    But, I would say if you are free of future plans for an ashram and all that, you take what God gives you.

  3. I believe when asked by students how to tell a real guru from a fraud Maharaj, Ramana and Robert have all advised to be skeptical of any guru who asks for money for teachings. Ed has never asked for a single nickle to speak the truth to his students. The HIGHEST truths are always free of finacial endowment. Ed doesn't want your money Ruby, he wants your liberation (if that's what you want).


  4. As per my understanding, there is no scale to measure an enlightened person. Money is a part of the world and therefore need not judge anything based on it.

    However, when for the divine knowledge, money is charged the very beauty gets lost, isn't it. When a Master who knows nothing matters, still ask donation for pets for is a different situation. He was working for them without that and when his body gets aged he requests from who can donate without any compulsion or discrimination. There is a hidden sweet compassion to lead the devoted to thin their vasanas by indulging in selfless action.

    The institutionalization of many organizations lead to actions that may not be the intention of the realized selfs. Their body and mind just flow as per the play of consciousness and the world tries to interpret them based on their external appearances.

    Here, when Edji writes this, what matters is whether the words is coming out of compassion or not. That, of course, can only be felt. Other than that all other meanings seems to be what meaning we assign to them. In gist my humble opinion is that while one has to pay to get in the 'spiritual' realm, the very beauty of soul to soul communication gets lost, isn't it. What do you say...


  5. Interesting news about Mooji since at one time or another I've seen probably all his Youtube videos....even he eventually came out with one "prescribing" the I Am meditation. But even his policy of not charging pales in comparison to the report I read where someone attending Satsangs given by Eckhardt Tolle would have to pay more for the "privilege" of being seated close to him.


  6. I've seen all of Mooji's stuff as well, Adyashanti, RIchard Rose, Spira, Marshall and too many more to remember. But that part of me is over now. Im not looking for any more teachers. Although i may not be a spiritual genius/budding master, i know to look inside now, stay with one teacher and be patient. As Edji said one time:
    you've been in the illusion for decades and it may take decades to escape." Luckily im only 26 and may have time to get to final reality, barring some accident.


    1. Isaac, you and I both 26, stuck in the same world, with the same the same big problem. I don't know if you heard of U.G. Krishnamurti, but he was the only one to open my eyes to not believe in no one but the self. This body is more intelligent than we give it credit for.

    2. "Luckily im only 26 and may have time to get to final reality, barring some accident."
      That is one of the funniest things I've read in a while....surprised no one picked up on the irony.....
      Relax mate....if you have an accident you'll get to final reality.....if you don't you'll get there in approximately 60 years depending on diet and health etc...
      Either way...you'll get there......everybody does

  7. First of all you need to know the facts before you or anyone gets critical. I am amazed that you think by Mooji charging and that yours is free well are you not using the same retail market in reverse . Having said that all of Mooji Satsangs and talks and videos are free what I think you are referring to in real time online satsangs. However with respect Ed what are you doing? I know you take your own money and donations and use it for the homeless cats and that's a wonderful thing. Mooji is building a new Ashram in Portugal. All of Mooji money goes towards building and up keeping. It's fairly easy to not charge and go with donations only when you are small like yours but once you become large and have a few Ashrams bills need to be pay, taxes etc. I don't know why but in this society(Western) we tend to give more credit to any kind of spirituality that is free. You do make a good point Ed you are in the West not in the East like India. In India the people have taken care of holy men, Saints, Masters etc for hundred of years and will continue to do so for it's their culture to do so. But not in the West. The old saying When in Rome..

    Mark(the other Mark)

    1. In Portugal Mooji was asked why donations were being sought from people working and visiting, and what happened to all the money from satsangs. His reply was muddled and confusing, basically saying that there was this Trust and that Trust and the money could not be transferred between the two.
      J. Krishnamurti did not charge anything for any of his forty years of talks. Ramana Maharshi was absolutely strict that no money EVER be asked for from any visitor, and was appalled when he discovered his brother had solicited a donation from a wealthy visitor.
      See the difference...

    2. Surely as things change in the west ,as you can clearly see they are ,are we not to value holy men in the same way as ancient India? How is charging people going to do this?Mooji has a charity in the uk which could find resources and then that could be used to support ashrams etc ? I notice their is seva at the ashram but why not have seva to support others to excess mooji free of charge .Is he not getting bigger because he charges and can jet set all over the world and grow at an sustainably way ?

  8. You see, that is the trap, he got big and has become a retailer. Now it is organization, publications, 3 satsangs a day, and charging the general admission.

    Sorry, Robert never charged. It was up to his students to take care of him. He put it, the teacher takes care of the student's spiritual needs, and they take care of his livelihood.

    With a guru you have a relationship, not a retail transaction. People are free to donate or not depending on their ability to pay and inclination. Others donate time, energy and skills. The point is, they want to do it.

    Muktananda never charged for satsangs either. Intensives yes, satsang no. Yet on some nights he got $30,000 in donations. People give because thewy want to. They are moved by their hearts and consciousness to do so.

    When you start charging for satsangs as does Mooji, that element of wanting to help and serve disappears in a cash transaction. I understand he would have 3 satsangs a day in London and charged 10 pounds for each session.

    In my experience, in all the ashrams and centers I have been associated with, it is the inner core of students and ashram residents that supported the organization, bought the buildings, and monthly rents as well as donations supported everything.

    You have to have faith that God or consciousness will take care of all your needs and guide you in all your efforts, whether you are a student or a master. Consciousness shapes what happens. When you become a retailer, the attitude is different. The mentality shifts to doing, creating, building, larger, spiritual bookstores and clothes, and pretty soon you are competing with Neiman Marcus.

  9. Issac you make a excellent point. Also Ed makes a great point of staying with one practice and his is just to look inside. This makes perfect sense to me. Once a seeker gets caught with all the Advaita teachers they don't do any work. They end up with wonderful concepts that make sense to the mind but no real experience. However most of the well known Teachers had real dynamic experiences. Tolle was on the verge of putting a gun to his head and blowing his brains out and after the experiences he spent years on park benches talking to whoever were open. Mooji spent years being homeless after his experience and till this day if you ask him about those years he has no memory.

    So good for you Issac I always say when the conversation is over hang up the phone.

    Mark(the other Mark)

  10. Well Muktananda gave free satsangs because he knew he would make a ton of money on his intensives which he did. I been to a few of them way back then. I agree with part of what your posted Ed. It does look like they are retailers and some are just that but the real ones only want to spread the word and that takes money as they become bigger. One thing for sure about Mooji.He lives a simple life in a modest home.I have a good friend John Sherman who never charges but by donations. He does receive enough to keep him going last year he received over $75,000.
    Now what did it for John is when he went global online almost all the donations come from overseas go figure.
    Your doing good work and give a good message.
    Mark(the other Mark)

  11. Even before stumbling upon "spirituality" i knew that something of "higher power" takes care of me and it was amazing and clearly seen. No need to fret about tomorrow. Ofcourse it brings some difficulties in socializing because no one understands how can one live without planning even one day ahead. Thus anger.
    Here, we don't know all the circumstances, if I remember correctly somewhere Mooji even said in the past that these teachings must always be free. But now... hmmm
    On the other hand Ramana never interfered with the ashram(Organization in this case) activities, only in rare cases, but at least He was strongly against paying for teachings.
    When money was needed it just came from various rich people out of the blue... this is how Consciousness works. Why not trust the power you have realized you are? This is interesting...

  12. "this is how Consciousness works. Why not trust the power you have realized you are? This is interesting."

    It's a nice fairytale. With this type of reasoning why not just sit on your behind when you are out of a job and wait for consciousness to bear fruit for you. Now I said fairytale but also true in my opinion well true to a certain point. I feel the ways of consciousness manifests to us is beyond our capacity to understand it's very complex. The idea that wait and the money will be there when needed is not a good way of being. It's the easy way out not to do anything. Why does the rain come down on some farmers land giving him a good crop yet another farmer gets no rain looses his crop and forced to sell his home?
    If your Hindu you will say it's Karma but in truth Karma is a illusion also.In truth this whole world we see is a illusion and not real nor do I or you or Ed or anyone really exist. The cats are also a illusion but does this mean we don't care for them and feed them. If no one feeds them many will die of hunger. We are consciousness itself even prior to consciousnesses is our true nature but true nature is living and operating in a world that is very real to our bodies and mind. So I feel at least for myself it pays to be proactive about things rather than doing nothing and waiting for consciousness to bless us.

  13. Mark, it is not that way at all. It is not a matter of sitting on your ass waiting for rent money to appear. Rather, the more you are in touch with your inner essence, the more you trust that the universe is benevolent towards you and all. With that trust feeling always there, you do whatever you were doing, serving, working, raising a family, etc., and things happen almost magically to guide your way. You get more and more secure in that trust, solid centered. On top of it, nothing bothers you. Whatever happens is OK, even the cats dying if you are unable to intercede. You feel great sadness, but it passes. The sting is gone as both Robert and Nisargadatta said, using those exact words.

  14. Thanks great response Ed
    Now I certainly heard people say the exact same thing but have seen no one live that way?
    It does make good sense that our world can give us this or we give it to ourselves.

  15. L. Ron Hubbard also lived a simple life in modest accommodations. Just throwing that out there.


    1. Osho too lived in simple accommodations, that does not really signify much.

  16. Isn't all this debate simply a distraction from practice?

  17. @Shawn Hubbard was also a great sci-fi writer. It's not to far of a reach to see where Scientology came from.

    Only if you practice 24 hours a day in a cave.It's really is a practice in itself here by learning how to be in the moment by posting, answering and letting go.


  18. Gary, satsang is Consciousness mirroring itself subjectively though our expressions. I think the money issue is something on a lot of spiritual seekers minds. I learned you don't have to pay a dime for realization, however it is appropriate to give back to the guru, if you have the means to do so.


  19. I know Mooji from some years ago and can say, that he himself is definitely not interested in money.
    But what happens now, since he becomes quite popular, let me only shake the head. And there is one joke, which pops up immediately:

    Once Satan and his demon sidekick were walking down the street, closely watching a man 20 yards ahead who was on the verge of realizing the Supreme Truth.
    The demon grew worried, and began to nudge Satan, but Satan looked quite calm. Sure enough, the man did, in fact, soon realize the deepest spiritual Truth. Yet Satan still did nothing about it. With this, the demon nudged Satan harder and, getting no response, finally blurted out, “Satan! Don’t you see? That man has realized the Truth! And yet you are doing nothing to stop him!”
    With that, Satan cunningly smiled and announced, “Yes, he has realized the Truth. And now I am going to help him organize the Truth!” (--story heard years ago from Indian sage Jiddu Krishnamurti)

  20. In one of his satsangs, Robert mentioned a man who was upset because he'd spent 700 dollars on a self-realization course, and wanted his money back because he hadn't become self-realized after two weeks of practice.

    I guess there will always be people who think they can buy anything. If it were that easy all the rich people in the world would be enlightened (and there would be no poor in the world).

    "I learned you don't have to pay a dime for realization."
    I'm banking on that (no pun intended).

    Very good.

  21. To continue from the above post. A seeker can spend entire wealth on it too, if you have to...
    Common Indian saying is "even if you get to God by paying with your head (let alone money!) deem that as cheap!"
    Money is never a problem only the attitude to it. Giving and receiving freely happens in flow. Osho comes to mind.

  22. Ed said :
    "You have to have faith that God or consciousness will take care of all your needs and guide you in all your efforts, whether you are a student or a master. Consciousness shapes what happens."

    That's what I experiment these times .
    It's a key .
    Thanx Ed for your ability to say the right words , at the right time in the right place .

  23. ""this is how Consciousness works. Why not trust the power you have realized you are? This is interesting."

    It's a nice fairytale. With this type of reasoning why not just sit on your behind when you are out of a job and wait for consciousness to bear fruit for you."

    Well it is not a fairy tail, it is a fact :). And I don't know why trusting the power you are associates with sitting behind and waiting? What needs to be done will get be done.

  24. The highest truths are always free. Something in the universe takes care of that. That HIGHEST truth is already in you as your only TRUE birthright (or rather you are in it). How do you charge for that? What is the price? Do you charge yourself per session, per diem? A flat rate perhaps for what you already know and have forgotten? If the mailman finds my keys on the sidewalk and throws them in the mailbox for me, I will remember that. I will probably remember that enough to make a simple gesture of gratitude. Not because its expected, but because its my nature. In this simple way things are handled. While consciousness is, consciousness provides - and consciousness begets conscientious behavior. I know that without it having to be explained to me.


  25. Okay before others jump on the same bandwagon let me first say I misinterpreted what the poster was saying about consciousness. Using that interpretation it was a fairytale. Then Ed corrected it. I do agree with what Ed said and what other posters are saying concerning being taken care of.
    The Highest teachings may be free but normally great teachers are not.Why anyone has a problem with this amazes me. I think the ones that have issue with this are just looking again to find wrong with something probably a fairly constant habit in their lives.

    I think where the problem seems to be concerning money is many make a huge error in judgment when it comes to donations or requiring a a fee. If you look at this being real even Ed and his small but healthy group here, being able to reach out to more and more people costs money. You have server costs, equipment costs
    hosting etc. I believe the reason why Ed can reach a lot more people now is because of donations. The other thing that brothers me about the kind of thinking it should be free is the teacher him/her self.
    If you went and spent 20 or 30 or more years in a college to study something that you may not ever graduate from and you do graduate you do not think your time has a value in the sense to be paid for your talks, intensive etc? Of course it does you take spirituality out of the picture and everything will have a value with such a teacher now why do you have a issue when spirituality gets thrown into the mix? I tell you why it's old programming you are working with. Since churches etc normally do not charge then it should be free.
    The US is the only society I have seen that has such a issue around this and many with respect are hypocrites. They have no problem laying down $20-30 for a 2 hr movie but God forbid if a teacher has even a $10 door fee he has lost almost all you you. It's this kind of crazy thinking that really hinders many in their own progress in my opinion.
    Okay done ranting


  26. The above post is what I agree with. Money is nothing but energy. Nothing more. Higher truth...what the hell is that? higher, is there a lower truth as well?

    What guru gives is beyond anything and everything. Singling out money from the spiritual process is sign that money is dirty in mind. If money can take something away from "divine interaction" it can't be that divine.

    What power does money have other than what you are prepared to give it?? Money does not corrupt the need to help and care either. You don't trust consciousness any less if you chooose to charge. Everything is being taken care of anyway, not just money, not just if you don't charge...Higher' and 'lower' all being taken care of, regardless of what you choose to do do. It can't be any other way.

    So many responses to this post merely show that consciousness on money needs clearing desparately.
    (Money might all collapse tomorrow, that how fickle it is! It has no power other than the power you give it. That will be a right laugh!!)

  27. @Ruby
    Exactly thank you for saying it better than I.

  28. Ruby, well said could not agree more. Money is nothing of importance, if you charge you charge if you don't you don't no big deal. A true seeker will not look at this as an issue. After all most are happy to pay for all sorts of nonsense, movies/therapies/spas but have an issue with paying and looking after their Guru, then as you say they have an issue with money which needs to clear. Money is simply a way of expressing appreciation in a tangible non-verbal manner.

  29. I want to repeat. Money is a big deal. The teachers who charge are not trusting God to take care of them or the way the message is disseminated. Or, they are weak willed and give in to organization pressures to grow through Western means of working the market system, PR, sales of books and CDs and all that.

    The spiritual student and teacher are different. They enter into a spiritual marriage of a sort. The teacher takes care of your spiritual needs and the student takes care of the teacher's need.

    It is like a family. You do not give your wife money for watching the children or sex, you do that out of love and duty both. Ditto for the husband. You are a family unit.

    The same with a teacher or guru. It is a relationship made in heaven so to speak, where love and a commitment to seek truth is the goal of this union, not making children or building a business.

    It is a sacred oath between the two that really lasts longer than marriages, as it is forever.

    There needs to be a love there in both giving and receiving. When you have a cashier, all that changes. There is an expectation of getting a product or experience. If you don't, you get dissatisfied and walk out.

    But if you have paid nothing, maybe something happens or not. There was no obligation to receive or deliver and experience.

    However, when your heart opens to a teacher, there is nothing you wont give, including your entire life as I did with Robert and also his close students did.he same with Ramana. Devotees stayed with him their entire lives.

    Then the union becomes fecund. You are closer in many ways than wife and hisband, child and father, brother and sister, infant and mother.

    When that relationship means everything, and you hang on each word the other speaks, then you may explode.

    So few are ready to do this. Many try, but as Nisargadatta said, "They love the guru, receive benedication, and then get busy" in their lives because they are happy and progression stops.

    So few stayed long with Robert. They really never surrendered though they thought they did.

    Thus the matter of money entirely misses the point, except that it should not be required for satsang. Everything on the blog and website is free. You are free to donate or leave depending on what your heart says.

  30. Dear Ed with respect you really have not made a good point here. It's really pretty nebulous to me. I understand everything on your blog and website is free it's all great info. However so is the info on Mooji and tons of other websites. Now books, DvD's etc may not be but there are costs publishing etc. On many teachers sites all the ebooks are free for download only the hardbacks costs as they should. Most of Ramana's books cost money also.

    You are making a point just on paying for satsangs. As other posters have posted people pay money for movies and other entertainment. If a person pays for a satsang and they did not get what they came for so be it. Honestly you need to trust consciousness working perfectly here as any place else.

    What confuses me is you go from paying for a satsang into the sacred relationship between teacher(Guru) and disciple. The 2 have no comparison. When that relationship develops it does so on it's own regardless if you paid money or not. It's true what you say about that relationship but this has nothing to do with paying a few dollars or not to hear a teacher talk. Besides if you find your Guru by paying a few dollars there is a good chance that you will be giving a lot more of everything as that relationship develops. Not only money but seva,time etc.

    So I leave you with those thoughts. I feel your a special teacher and I respect you. I do humbling think that your ideas around this money issue may also be a issue for you. It's really not a big deal. People take care of their own regardless if their Guru charges for a satsang or not.

    Much love

  31. Why is nobody just happy that so many people are interested in Advaita teachings? I am amazed that Consciousness unfolds everywhere. Mooji, Robert, Ramana, Papaji, Eckhart, Gangaji, Francis Lucille and many others are helping and servicing wherever they can... I paid money when I bought Robert Adam's books may years ago. The mind that is bothered by money issues has a problem with money. That's all - so don't mind what is not real. Abide in the Truth. It is so easy and simple...

  32. He doesn't charge at all. Only a suggested donation. I just listened to a 3 hour live Satsang all free. Really now.... He's broadcasting worldwide there must be some expense.

  33. While there are people willing to buy there will be people willing to sell.
    Mooji et-al are all selling and there are plenty of people buying; sure justify it how you like but in the end it is all down to the money ... and peoples insecurities that these sales people (aka 'Gurus' and the like) are only too happy to exploit.

    When it all boils down only love is left. Practice Love, the unconditional kind in all your ways and dealings; never mind looking inwards, outwards and all the other guru-babble to make you feel special or excused. Love is the answer. Love.

  34. What are you all wasting your time on this Maya for? The Guru is within! All else are appearances. Let those who wish to donate do so. That is their karma. If Mooji's talks help them, is that not by grace also? I am Indian. In our culture, one does not charge for satsang. That is why I will never physically attend a Mooji satsang. But I occasionally watch him on YouTube. Why? Because it appears in the Absolute! In the end, is it not your mind that is making the comparison?

    This discussion is utterly pointless....

  35. MONEY FOR SATSANG! Papaji is Mooji's guru, or so I thought. Mooji may have received shakti transmission from papaji. Danger signs are flashing however. Has Mooji succumbed to the temptations of power and money and other unnamed bonuses? Have these satsangs become more about money than truth?

    Papaji consistently said no monies were to be taken for satsang. If payment is asked for satsang then the satsang becomes tainted, Papaji has said. There were to be no exceptions to this rule, other than to cover publishing costs for books on a not-for-profit basis. So if you as a follower have money and pay for it you will not be getting pure satsang. If you do not have money then you will not get satsang at all, ie you will not get in the door! There seems to be a well organized income stream pouring into various trusts etc from Mooji's satsangs which surely are not the purpose of satsang. What would Papaji have said? What happened to the humble Anthony Paul at Papaji's feet...see video before Mooji's awakening.
    Satsang = meeting of truth. Truth is free.
    Ramana Maharshi never ever charged , nor Nisagadatta Maharaj, arguably two of the greatest Non-Dual teachers of the last century.
    Satsang by its very nature is free.

    Also,checkout David Godman on what Papaji says re satsang.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux5bY3UqQrY

  36. I dont understand why teachers that were taught for free now charge
    it seems that they have just joined the occupation "new age teacher"
    roy eugene davis , direct disciple of yogananda only asks for donations which are anonymous so no pressure and he's only been teaching for 50 years and he seems to be doing all right
    I went to several Mooji satsangs and enjoyed them

    setting up a trust as I read he has seems to be in his interest ( hide money or give jobs to friends

    if hes concerned about the poor or sick which to him shouldn't exist as separate from the rich or healthy he should just mention
    at his satsangs that people if able should help others if felt to

    I wonder why Mooji left India and why he no longer visits the US
    if advaita is true there there is only this and what is is ok
    why would an enlightened one spend any time setting up a trust -
    or building an ashram in portugal

  37. Next Satsung in London is £150 in Novemeber... As well as online (£75). I think he'll get at least 500 people paying those prices, that's a whopping £50,000 at the very ;east for the weekend!

    Never fail to be disappointed in life...